Vittorio Brumotti


An exuberant and daring bike trial champion and TV presenter. Vittorio Brumotti is a sportsman who has broken the Guinness World Records ten times by climbing unimaginable peaks on his bike.

His cheerfulness and courage have won him fans of his exploits, as well as an audience who got to know him on Italy’s most famous satirical programme.

Distinguishing features? Uncontainable energy.

An athlete who has found the ideal space to take care of his physical well-being in the kitchen.

What's the kitchen for Vittorio?

I believe that the kitchen is the beating heart of the home


Minimalm Style – Way Materia

When design, like sports talent, makes all the difference.

Versatile and essential. It has a functional, rigorous aesthetic, capable of enhancing its strengths and increasing the feeling of warmth that you experience when you return home. Kitchen is the…Way!

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