Camilla Filippi


A popular movie and TV actress, Camilla is also a very influential social media personality. Her ironic seriousness and contagious mother’s sweetness have captured her followers’ hearts. She could be described as an all-round artist: in her life there is room for art exhibitions as well as acting.

The centre of the world in a kitchen, which has space for family and friends. The place where quality time is distinguished by special sharing that is full of love and flavours. Because those who cook give a piece of themselves to every dish.

What does the kitchen mean for Camilla?

For me the kitchen is the centre, not only of the house, but of the world.” It is a place for family and friends. Food can help break down barriers between different cultures. For me the kitchen is a place that brings people together.


Urban Opera

The elegance and practicality of a bright, welcoming space, strictly designed for every season. A kitchen that is a masterpiece of design and comfort, around which your special everyday life gravitates. Life is better in a kitchen.

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