The Kitchen is the Place.

Every kitchen is a world, the scene of a thousand daily experiences, emotions and extraordinary moments, a hotbed of memories; a different story every day, just like life.

Every kitchen is unique, just as the experience of those who use them is unique. This is why we wanted to present our our models through the words, gestures and emotions of their users.

“What does the kitchen mean to you?”

We have wanted to write a story together with the customers who have chosen us – a story of emotions, food, people and beauty.

Because kitchens represent us, our world, our style and our personality and are the stage for important moments of our lives.

What is your style?


Milan Flagship
Grand Opening.

Snaidero will open its new flagship store with a series of unique events in Milan.

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What does the kitchen mean to you?

Use our # to tell us what the kitchen represents for you.